On Hiatus

17 06 2010

As you have probably surmised, I have not been updating this blog. This is because Lighthouse now has the Beacon. If I have time someday, I’ll come back here and add to the brain. =)


Still Alive

20 11 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive. I’ve been limiting my blogs to the church online newsletter until I have more time to write. Cheers! =)

“Keeping Christ the Center”

19 02 2008

cross.jpgAlthough the College Life Retreat was physically tiring, spiritually I came back entirely refreshed and renewed. What a great time with Pastor Peter Kim speaking on the centrality of Christ in our lives! The messages are still fresh on my mind, which is a good indicator of the impact they made. I was particularly blessed by Saturday evening’s message entitled, “Christ the Humble Servant.”

One thought stood out that I had not considered before. Pastor Peter rightly stated that if Christ had come as some great ruler like a Caesar, it still would have been incredibly humbling for Him. Yet, He came not as a great ruler with tremendous earthly power. He came humbly – His birth was humble, His name was humble, His hometown was humble, His family was humble. To think that Christ endured all that for a world full of people who sin against Him is incredibly humbling. To think that Christ endured all that for me is even more humbling.

The fellowship was great this weekend. The games and activities were a blast. But I praise God for the messages from Hebrews and Philippians that really made this weekend! Let’s keep Christ the center!

Celebrating Two Years

24 10 2007

I praise God for two wonderful years of marriage to Christine. We celebrated by visiting with family up in Seattle. It was a wonderful time except that we returned home to all the fires in San Diego! Our place had been evacuated, but the evacuation was lifted from our area the morning before we returned. I wish the same could be said for others in our church family. Let’s keep praying!

On a side note… exactly four years ago when the last firestorm was in San Diego, I was also up in Seattle visiting family. When Hansol An picked us up from the airport yesterday, he mentioned that I should avoid going up to Seattle on this particular weekend in the future!

A Good Word

25 09 2007

My thanks to Steven for posting this entry on the accountability of blogging. When I read the message posted by Rick Holland at the Crossroads website, I had to laugh because I was reminded of all the interactions I have had with collegians who posted all sorts of stuff on their Xangas and other blogs. There were times when Pastor John and I would shake our heads in disbelief over what was being written mostly because these students (most of whom were born in the 80’s!) wrote as if they were seasoned sages.

It is true that blogging brings good accountability because the thoughts that are posted are public. Thank God for the ability to delete posts! I suppose I’m a bit safer since only a small network of people even know this blog exists! =)

Anyway, thanks again Steven for posting about our short conversation. Let’s really seek to hold each other accountable over what is written in your blog and in my “Brain.”

My Thanks to Steven.

31 08 2007

I have officially followed the trend and departed from my sparsely updated Xanga. My hope is that this site will contain offerings that are at least more worthwhile than my Xanga posts (which honestly does not amount to much). Thanks Steven for being a trendsetter…even though Aaron beat you to it!