The Slow Uphill Climb

28 03 2009


Lessons learned this week…

1. Sometimes even when I am trying really hard to do my best, I will fail. But God is gracious to teach me important lessons even in my failure.

2. It is always better to say an encouraging, helpful, uplifting, edifying word than to simply tease people and have fun at their expense.

3. With friends, a quality short conversation is better than hours of time wasted talking about nothing.

4. You never know when someone really needs prayer or encouragement so you should constantly be offering both.

5. God’s blessings sometimes come at the most unexpected times and from the most unexpected people.

6. Inspiration is a cool doctrine.

7. I need to place a constant guard over my mouth. Be slow to speak… slow to speak… slow to speak.

It has been a long and difficult week. But looking back I realize now that it has been a good week. Praise God. You never fail.




6 responses

30 03 2009
Aaron Choi

very cool =)

31 03 2009

A little off topic…

I just checked out your old livejournal account and read some of those old entries, especially the ones listing our top 10’s…that was a lot of fun.

4 04 2009

this is awesome.

i vote that you elaborate on “inspiration is a cool doctrine” :]

4 04 2009

Eugene, we should revisit some of those old topics again! ~P

22 04 2009
mike hase

Hey Pat,

#2 has been in mind since I first read this post, and I’ve been trying to live it out. It’s amazing what a big difference it makes! Thanks Pat, your work (and words) are not in vain!


5 06 2009

Hahaha! Mike, I should try living that out more, too. Right Tia? ~P

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